We are a full service Agency.  Though these services are not inclusive, they are some of our specialties. 

Combine Training

Our staff will provide prospective athletes with the best combine training preparation. After all, this is where you begin to separate yourself, so being trained by someone who has done this, and excelled, is key.

Draft Preparation

The NFL Draft is the beginning of the dream, but it is filled with highs and lows. Our staff will be there with you throughout the entire process. Your success is our success, and we do not take that lightly. 

Contract Negotiation

Congratulations, you made it!  Now, let me get to work.  This is what I do.  My job is now to ensure you get the value your play deserves.  You handle the field domination; I'll handle the rest. 

Legal Counsel

Sometimes things come up. Sometimes you may have a question about legally planning for your future, both financially and through estate planning, or maybe something came up that you simply need some legal advice.  Being represented by an attorney brings many other fiduciary benefits aside from contract negotiations, and we have the staff to handle it all. 

Endorsement Deals

We firmly believe every successful professional athlete should have opportunities to sign endorsement deals.  At Select 1 Sports, we do not wait for them to come to us, we go out and find them.  

Brand Development

Who are you, and who do you want others to think you are?  At Select 1 Sports, whatever is important to you, is important to us.  You have earned a platform, let us help you stand on it and achieve your passions both on and off the field. 

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